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Chiro Town

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Spinal Decompression

A very effective way to treat disc ailments and pinched nerves in the lower back. Helps with Sciatica, leg numbness/tingling and or weakness. 


Spinal Adjustments

A gentle way to restore normal spinal vertebral range of motion.  Helps ease joint stiffness, muscle soreness and pinched nerves. 

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Cervical Spinal Decompression

Specific to the neck.  Treats disc ailments and pinched nerves.  Helps with arm/shoulder pain, numbness and tingling or decreased grip strength. 

Chiropractor at Work

Extremity Adjustments

Light but effective manipulations of the extremity joints to help maintain/improve joint range of motion, decrease pain and improve strength. 


Exercise/Stretch Rehab

Usually prescribed after spinal decompression or adjustments have been done.  The idea is to strengthen a structure after any deficiencies have been corrected. 

Pelvic X-Ray


X-rays are taken to help determine the diagnosis of each patient and also to help objectively analyse a patients progression with treatment. 

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